Thank you for ordering our tea online in this special, one time offer.  It made us nervous getting several orders the first few days but it has proven to be manageable.  The worse part is standing in the Post Office lines with boxes but fortunate for me, my lovely wife is doing that for me.  We are sending out really good teas and the feedback is very positive.  We have sold half of what we needed to sale so we will continue taking orders for one pound and 12 ounce bags a short time longer.  Send us a check for $50 for a pound or $40 for a 12 ounce bag and we will get it right back to you.  Specify if you want green or black tea.

I again want to remind visitors that tours of the Alabama Tea Farm Plantation are $10 per person.   This includes a sample of tea, usually hot tea in a porcelain cup, a complete class on growing and producing tea,  golf cart tour of the tea fields and a free plant if you want one.  Uninterested kids are free.  Groups need to be kept small so we can stay a good distance apart.  If you come inside to use the restroom, one person at a time and you will need to wear a mask.  We do not accept plastic cards and the tour charge is on top of the regular tea sales.  If you come just to buy tea, there is no fee.

We also have three dogs.  One just adopted us after the last hurricane.  When you arrive they will come up to you and sniff, then go away and lay down.  If you are terrified of dogs in general, a farm tour may not be right for you. Same with chickens, peacocks, yellow flies or mosquitoes.   We really are a farm way out in the country.

Thanks for the tea orders, we will get them out to you soon.