We have several one pound and twelve ounce bags of loose leaf tea left over from Christmas that we did not sell.  We depend on tourist to come to the farm and buy tea but due to covid, tourism is now very slow.

We usually do not ship tea but this time we are going to make a rare exception.  If we receive a paper check in the mail, requesting green or black tea, we will mail you a fresh bag of Fairhope, Alabama tea.  We will do this for a short time as long as the supply last.  With orders that we can not fill, we will return the check.

The twelve ounce bags are $40.  No tax or shipping charges.  Send us a check for forty dollars even and we will send you the tea.  The one pound bags, usually 18 ounces, are fifty dollars even.  Send us a paper check for $50 even and we will send you a mylar bag of loose leaf Alabama tea.  State whether you want black or green tea.

We are not offering our smaller 6 oz bags or single serve tea bags with this offer.  Questions on email : Lytermanor@aol.com or text 251-209-3089.

For years we have resisted selling tea on line because tourist usually come and haul away all the tea we can produce, but these are trying times for most all small businesses.  It is our hope that all those who have requested  mail orders in the past can take advantage of this special offer.

Send you check to:

Fairhope Tea Plantation

12424 Lyter Ln

Fairhope, AL   36532