Spring has sprung down in South Alabama but the tea plants have not gotten the memo.  They soon will and the buds will swell and these rather beat up, well pruned and hurricaned plants will be covered in a soft mat of fresh green growth.  That is when the production year will began and will continue until October or November.  I am sure we will make as much tea this year as we did last year.

We have been busy pulling briers and weed eating the emerging weeds and grass.  We are out in the tea almost every day working on something.  With Covid keeping us at home (no shots yet), the tea gardens are looking really good.  If we get the rows clean now, then we do not have to fight weeds for a while.  I have a Black & Decker weed eater with a small 10 in head which really does the job.  It is a very effective tool compared with weed eaters with a large head.

Our mail orders are going over very well.  We get a steady flow of calls which have been overwhelming only a couple times.  A couple weeks ago I had to take seven boxes to the Post Office which was a bit much.  But we are still continuing to take mail orders for a while longer.  Email us or call and we will tell you the bill and you send us a paper check and we will mail you the tea.

We actually are getting orders from tea shops all over the US.  We have a small break on wholesale orders which has been quite successful.  Call me with what you need and I am sure we can supply your needs.  We are also sending out six ounce bags with no labels for the customer to add their labels.  We have sold out of 12 oz bags.  One pound orders is the best buy.  We do add shipping to wholesale orders.  Just call and we will help you out.  The reviews from customers have been VERY complementary!

Our tea tours of the farm are going very slow.  This time last year we were doing two or three every day and now do only a couple a week.  This is where I sell most of our tea and I hope it does pick up as it is easier than taking a box to the Post Office.  We have a good no contact tour set up where we do not get close to the visitors and it is all outside and safe.  Tours are still $10 per person, uninterested kids are free.  Dogs do not seem to mix well with our dogs and the herds of peacocks and chickens that we have.

Stay tuned as my next posted photo will show an explosion of fresh new growth.