Our tea garden scare crow was waving the colors in honor of veterans day this year.  He does a great job of scaring away the crows, as I have never seen any crows out in the tea.  They would not find it interesting, anyway.  The scarecrow in more of an annual fall decoration.

We have finished making tea for this year but are staying really busy with our tea farm tours and welcoming our guests to walk in the tea bushes.  We have a tour for small groups here almost every day.  Remember tours are about an hour so dont come for a visit if there is not time in your schedule.  We are way out in the country.  Call for an appointment.  You will get a cup of fresh brewed tea, a tour on the golf cart,  a demostration on tea making and a plant or two for $10 per person.  If you’d like to buy some tea, and most everyone does, we offer for sale cup size tea bags and 7 oz bags of loose leaf tea.  Bring cash because we cant accept plastic.

This is the time of the year to move young tea plants.  I tell folks who want to start a tea patch to come see us between Thanksgiving and Christmas and have lined up about a dozen customers all ready.  We have tea plants with a pedigree in that we know where they originated.  We sell year old  bare rooted seedlings for one dollar.  Most suppliers, who are low in stock this year, sell them for $18-$24.00 each.  A friend of mine sells her two year old plants for $34 each so you can see who gets the business.  After many years of doing this we have helped start tea farming all across the USA.  You have to come and get them as I will not put them in the mail.

Life on the tea farm is good.  We enjoy meeing the folks who are so interested in tea.

Donnie Barrett