After the last Hurricane Zeta, Oct 28, 2020, ATT cut our cable while rebuilding a junction box and cut off our land line telephone and internet service.  We were shocked when they told us service will not be back up until the end of November so we have been out of touch for a while.  Do not try to call us on the 251-928-0919 telephone number for now.  Just yesterday we hooked up to T-Mobile internet which is slower but it works.

After Hurricane Sally on Sept 16, 2020, we stopped making tea.  We had made 220 pounds at that point.  Our farm was in such disarray we had to turn our attention to debris clean up which has now turned into a life style.   There was another great crop to pick but I let it get too old while I have become a logger instead of a tea farmer.  We are cutting up great trees and dragging them behind the golf cart to burn piles out in the fields by the tea.  Its a 80 ft palm tree that gets the chain say this afternoon.

We are still doing tea farm tours and selling $15 6oz bags of green and black loose leaf.  We also sell mylar one pound bags for $50.  We charge $10 for the tour and are doing several a week.  We are also doing a good business selling bare rooted one year old tea seedlings for $1.00 each.  The condition is you have to come here to get them and we have already had people from several states away to drive over to pick them up.

I ordered a tea bag machine in Sept. to make one serving tea bags which is now actually on a “slow boat from China.”  I am expecting it this month and we will see where the tea bag business takes us.  I will have to come up with the right box and labeling for that and see if local stores will want to sell them.

I appreciate my many tea friends sending text and emails checking on us.  Thank you, it is good to hear from you.