This is our plantation home.  That is a drying pen for tea out front in the sun.  This house is not what you would expect in south Alabama on a plantation.  It was not built in 1870 but 1970.  We call it a plantation because we bought this farm 32 years ago to plant the hundreds of plants I had and had run out of space.   People are often disappointed thinking they would see big white columns and little slave cottages in the rear.  We have had people to drive up and not get out of the car thinking they were going to see a relic of the Old South.  Some would not stop here and just keep going saying it was a plan ol’ house.  No parking lot attendance, pay gate or visitors center with a gift shop.

But this is a tea factory.  One of the oldest in the USA.  At times every room (and I try not to do that) is being used for tea production as well as rooms in our air conditioned barn.  We work on tea every day and make hundreds of pounds each year.  We sell most of it here to the tea tourist we have here almost every day.

Remember our hour long tours are for small groups and we like early afternoons.   We will show you what tea we are working on at the time.  Tourist get a cup of fresh brew, a complete class on tea craft and cultivation, a tour of the fields and a tea plant to start their own tea farm.  These tours are $10 each person with uninterested kids are free.  You will need to call for an appointment.  We can not accept plastic cards at this time.  Also you will want to purchase some tea after hearing so much about it, so bring some money for that.

It has been hot this summer but that has not stopped the tourist from coming to visit.  They leave with beaming smiles and say what a pleasant surprise seeing so much tea growing in south Alabama.  Come see us!

Donnie Barrett