This is the tea rolling machine that I use to process tea that I mentioned in my last post.  This web site has been a bit troublesome to post or maybe its the 70 yr old who is having the tech trouble.  We are putting miles on this machine with a full hopper at least every other day and then sometimes twice a day.  It is very effective and helps our tea have a finished look.  I like it because you can go off and leave it while it does the work I once did with my bare hands.

We have had almost 300 people twice this week reading this web site.  I hope you are seeing what you wanna see.  I am being clobbered (is that a made up southern word?) with request to ship tea.  It makes me squirm around because I know I will be doing that soon but right now I am holding out selling tea packages in my driveway.  That has worked out very well for us.

I also am getting very many request for tea tours.  Yes, that is about to happen.  There will be some changes.  I am going to start asking $10 per person to visit the farm.  Sounds harsh but I have been on the “What’s Free in Fairhope” list for a couple years and that brings out folks who just want to be entertained and certainly aren’t going to buy any tea.  Do three of those in an afternoon and you feel burned.  $10 is easy for people who really want to know about tea.  Also, right now, we are not going to do school or bus tours.  Call me if you want to know why.

Well, I am greased with sun screen and about to hit the fields.  Thank you all greatly for your interest and support.