We have been picking tea for several weeks now and this is the best spring harvest we have ever had.  It sure came early.  We have been picking every few days and making smaller batches, 4 to 6 pounds each, so we do not get so overwhelmed.  We seem to have much more tea to pick than we will be able to get to.

We are now packing our teas, green, Oolong and black into 5 oz bags that we sell for $15.  I still do not like to go to the UPS store with little boxes of tea so we sell what we do right here in our driveway.  It has become a great market.  We get customers several times a week who are buying lots of tea.  We are very pleased at how well our tea farm has been booming.

Lets see if I can attach a photo of last night when we roasted 6 pounds of black and pan fried two bushels of green tea.  I have gotten where I make the tea in my house instead of my barn because it is always clean (thanks to my clean-crazy wife) and I can control the temp conditions better.