In the past 30 years I have never  SOLD  OUT  of tea.  I made just under 200 pounds of tea this past year which is twice what I did the year before.  This past September I was sitting on 120 pounds and only having a tea party for guests once a week.  I thought there is no way I was going to sell all this before next April, so I quit producing when there was still lots to be picked.  My farm has the potential to make much more, but after the flush of spring last year’s left over tea goes into the compost heap.

I am now having a tea party for guests almost every day, and they are hauling away my bags of tea by the arm load.  The production year starts at the end of March and we can make tea through November.  I am surprised so many folks want to see the tea farm.  This web site averages 60-70 hits every day.

I do not want to say I am  CLOSED  until April 1, because I want people to come see what we are doing.  I just will not brew a pot of tea for their visit, and I will not have bags of loose leaf tea to sell them.  So if you want to come see us, please do, but you would enjoy it better with a nice cup of fresh brewed tea after the first of April.

If you want to talk about it, give me a call.  Thanks for your interest!

Donnie Barrett