On June 1, 2020 we have opened the tea plantation for tours and tea sales.  We are glad to announce this as it has been rather quite down on the farm except for picking, processing and packing many pounds of fresh tea.  We are glad to again be open as we rather enjoy meeting people and talking about our favorite subject – tea!  We have made a few changes from last year:

We are now charging for tours to the tea farm.  $10 per person with uninterested teenagers and younger for free.  With an hour tour you will get a china cup of tea, green or black, a complete explanation of the tea plant and how it is grown, a complete discussion of how the different teas are made while sitting in the shade in a comfortable chair.  We then (three people or less) ride in a golf cart through the tea farm stopping at the many points of interest showing how tea is planted, pruned, sun vs shade grown and discuss any weed or pest problems (practically none).  Then each person will get a free, bare rooted tea plant.  You will leave knowing more about tea than you would have ever expected in a life time, all for a small fee of ten dollars.  We will then offer loose leaf tea packages for sale for $15 each.

At this time, we are not going to accept any bus tours, large tour groups or school classes.  We still are not taking mail orders.  We still are selling tea plants in large numbers, better when moved in the fall of the year.  You still need to make reservations for tours (251-928-0919 or 251-209-3089) as we might have gone to the gym or gone fishing.

Thank you for your interest in the Fairhope Tea Plantation.  Last Feb or March when we closed we were doing a tour every day and sometimes two or three a day.  We suspect that will start up pretty quick now that people are out and looking for something refreshing and different to do.  Look forward to meeting you at the Fairhope Tea Plantation.

Donnie Barrett.