I just found out that I started producing tea plants seven years before the Charleston Tea Plantation was founded.   I wish I knew that before I had printed 1000 rack cards advertising my farm.  It would have looked good on a ribbon across the front.  I also need to put it somewhere on this web site.

Things are plowing along nicely at the Fairhope Tea Plantation.  I have a good drive up business and I just put my tea in the local Fairhope Fresh Market.  People seem to be buying an equal amount of black vs green tea.  At the museum, where we sold over $22,000 worth of tea, we tended to sell a bit more black style tea.

I have about three and a half bushels of black tea out in the dry pen now.  I usually make my last batch in October (November last year) which will put us over 200 pounds of finished tea this year.  That is twice what I made last year.  Being retired, which I love!!, allows me time to make more tea.  I still left rows overgrown and not picked as I have more tea growing than I can process.  Come see us sometime.