As every year, we celebrate the springs first flush with a retirement of the scarecrow out in the tea field.  He has done a great job of keeping the crows out of the tea field but now spring has sprung!  First we had guests file by to bid hale and farewell to an old friend then we chanted a Zen Buddhists poem before he was off to the barn to be dissembled where some parts may be used next year.  I know the straw stuffing will go into the chicken house egg nest but the clothes will be tossed.  I was planning a Joan of Arc style of send off but thought that may get too dramatic.   I might do that next year.  Maybe hire a band and some food trucks.

Business down on the tea farm has been very brisk.  We are having tea tours and drive up customers every day.  Our regular customers are really cleaning us out.  Tourist will buy some teabags but regular customers want a pound or two.  We are getting more and more of that.  We have gotten to the end of the tea production year and are almost sold out.  We can not fill orders for loose leaf bags, green or black,  now but the first picking is only days away.  Soon we will be back into “high cotton,” and able to keep all our customers supplied.

To book a tour, you will need to call and make a reservation.  (251)-209-3089 or (251) 928-0919.  Tourist are here “today and tomorrow” when we are likely already booked so it helps if you can plan ahead a few days.  We do only one tour a day at 1:00.  We can take up to six people but we like only two or three so we can ride through the fields on the golf cart.  Tours are $20 per person in cash and you will want a little more to buy some tea.  Young children do not enjoy the tea tours.  Soon we will have mosquitoes and yellow flies and I advise visitors to wear long pants and socks (most beach visitors only bring shorts).  Folks are VERY complementary of our farm tours.  Come see us!

Donnie Barrett