Right now the tea bushes don’t look to green and lush.  We have pruned the growth off that was not picked last year down to what is called the knuckles.   In a few short weeks these sticky, dead looking branches will be covered with a soft light green mat of new growth.  Then the work begins.  We have to pick the first flushes with a vigorous intensity to get the tea made before it gets too old to make our most delicate teas.  We have this every year as the tea grows faster than we can pick it.

NO MORE BUS TOURS   The hurricane of Sept 2020 dropped oak logs on our tables and chairs we kept out by the tea gardens where we welcomed bus tours on a regular basis, sometimes doing three a day.  Now, when we are asked to receive a large tour group, we have to move tables, chairs and all the tea we serve with cups, cookies and plates out to the fields and then back after the group is gone.  This is beating us up!  We are just a Mom and Pop business (Donnie and Lottie) and as we are being overrun with small tours, we have decided it is not worth all the trouble to receive large groups on tours.  I likely have already talked to most every garden club, church group, retirement village and study club about this but we just do not seem to be able to handle these at this time.

Business is brisk now down here on the tea farm.  Remember to call for an appointment (251-928-0919) and we like three people or less so we can ride around in the golf cart.  Otherwise we walk the short distance. We give you a sample of tea in a porcelain cup and offer you a small tea plant for free.  This tour cost $10 per person with uninterested children free.  Folks are very pleased with the tours with lots of generous comments.  Come see us.